The covered pistol range is 25 yards with 5 lanes..

Trash barrels are provided for spent brass and another for trash only NOT FOR USE AS TARGET STANDS!

Hearing and eye protection is required.

You are limited to 2 guests per visit and all guests MUST watch the Safety Video we have posted on our
web site before they participate.

You as a member are required to make sure your guests understand, agree to, and practice all of our safety rules and regulations. Especially important is safe firearm handling and keeping the muzzle pointed down range at all times.

All firearms placed on the tables either on the firing line or behind it, are not to be handled unless being moved to the firing line. Handling firearms while someone is on the firing line in front of you puts them in danger.
You are responsible to be sure all of your guests understand this very import safety rule.

Horseplay is disruptive and dangerous.
Unruly guests or family members (children) are your responsibility. Everyone is expected to be respectful of other shooters.
Your membership card is at stake.

Shooters must stand at and on the leading edge of the concrete and not behind or in front of a table as it puts you behind or ahead of another shooter on either side of you and thus creating a dangerous situation.

Whenever anyone is down range placing targets, ALL firearms are to be placed on the tables, muzzle pointing downrange, with the breach open and an Empty Chamber Indicator (ECI) flag inserted.
Absolutely no handling of the firearm by anyone, until everyone returns and the range has been declared as safe.

Never point the muzzle in any direction other than downrange, ever. Even if you know or think it is empty, or clearing a malfunction. This is especially important for new shooters that are excited about the opportunity and aren’t thinking clearly about the safety of those around them.
You wouldn’t want to see the person next to you pointing their muzzle at you or a family member, so be aware of how you or your guest is handling the firearm at all times.

Safety is our number one priority, all of which is discussed in detail in our Orientation and Safety Video. Please be sure to watch it.

ECI (Empty Chamber Indicator) must always be used when not on the firing line

NO RIFLES or SHOTGUNS are allowed to be used on the pistol range.
NO RIFLE OR SHOTGUN ROUNDS are allowed even if they are used in a pistol (ie: AR-style pistol, Taurus Judge using 410 shells). All of the above must use the Rifle range.

Please clean up after yourself. Pick up all brass and remove any used targets when you are done.

Summer club hours:
9 am to 7:30 pm Monday thru Saturday
1 pm to 5 pm on Sundays