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As you can see, our website has had a facelift. Hopefully making it easier to navigate and less scrolling to get to the information you are looking for. Typically this space will be dedicated to the Latest News however since the site has not been posted for the past few months. I felt it important to include a couple of articles that would normally be found under their own links on the site.

Honesty Isn’t Lost

Scot Blair, who competed in the Rimfire Benchrest match last month placed 2nd overall with a score of 197. During the general meeting on May 27, Scot announced that there was an error in scoring and instead of a score of 197, it was actually 187. The loss of ten points bumped him out of medaling altogether. Then in a gesture not often seen, Scot surprised Lee Ornat by handing him his 2nd place medal. The new standings now have Tom Avery in 1st Place, Lee Ornat in 2nd place, and Dave Clark in 3rd place. Well done Scot!

Upcoming Events

A clean-up day is scheduled for Sunday, June 23 starting at 10 am. Supplies and tools we need are; chainsaws, rakes, hedge clippers, shovels, wheelbarrows, etc. Hotdogs and beverages will be provided. More information will be posted here soon.

Rimfire Sporter Match set for June 29th Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. Competition begins at 9:00 a.m. This is a CMP Sanctioned Rimre Sporter Match. All Civilian Marksmanship Program Rules apply. In addition to SJCRC Club Medals, CMPAchievement Pins will be awarded based on competitors’ scores as set out in the current CMP Games Rie and Pistol Competition Rules, Annex A. Equipment: Rimre rie, in caliber .22 LR.. For more info, see the listing under the Match Schedules and Results link

How to Become a Member The question I receive more than all others is regarding how to become a member. Here are 3 ways you can join:

1. The quickest way would be to come to the club any Sunday from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm. It would be your best time to come out and take a look at the facilities as it is open to the public for Trap Shooting….use of our other ranges requires a membership. Lee Ornat is one of our Board members and heads up the Trap Shoots. He would be happy to answer any of your questions and take care of your membership.

2. Attend a general club meeting held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7 PM. Physical club address is: 57979 County Rd 100, Elkhart, IN 46517

3. By mail: Download the Membership Application, watch the Orientation Video, fill out the application, and include the Membership fee of $125.00 made out to St. Joseph County Restoration Club) and mail it to: SJCRC P. O. BOX 242 Osceola, IN 46561 Note: Sending your application in by mail could take up to a month for you to receive your membership card.

Points regarding our Rules and Safety regulations: A close runner-up to the membership question is regarding shooting procedures on both the Pistol and Rifle ranges. To help clarify that point, here are our club’s guidelines:

1. You are limited to two guests per visit, and all guests MUST watch the Safety Video we have posted on our website before they participate. You as a member, are required to make sure your guests understand, agree to, and practice all of our safety rules and regulations. Especially important is safe firearm handling and keeping the muzzle pointed down range at all times.

2. All firearms placed on the tables, either on the firing line or on a bench behind it, are not to be handled unless being moved to the firing line. Handling firearms while someone is on the firing line in front of you puts them in danger. You are responsible to be sure all of your guests understand this very important safety rule.

3. Horseplay is disruptive and dangerous. Unruly guests or family members, especially young children, are your responsibility. Everyone is expected to be respectful of other shooters.Your membership card is at stake.

4. Shooters must stand at, and on the leading edge of the concrete. Not behind or in front of a table, as it puts you behind that of another shooter and thus creates a dangerous situation.

5. Whenever anyone is down range placing targets, ALL rearms are to be placed on the tables, muzzle pointing down range, with the breach open and an Empty Chamber Indicator (ECI) ag inserted. Absolutely NO handling of the rearm by ANYONE, until everyone returns and the range has been declared safe.

6. Never point the muzzle in any direction other than downrange…ever. Even if you know it is empty, clearing a malfunction, or even showing it off to a friend. This is especially important for new shooters who are excited about the opportunity and aren’t thinking clearly about the safety of those around them noone wants to see the person next to you pointing their muzzle at you or a family member, so be aware of how you and your guests are handling a rearm at all times.

Safety is our number one priority, all of which is discussed in detail in our Orientation and Safety Video. Please be sure to watch it.

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